Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday, Tuesday...

You know that song "Monday, Monday" by The Mamas and The Papas? That's how I feel about Tuesday. Mondays are usually just fine - I'm still floating on the high of the weekend. It's no secret that it's also partly because my kids are both in school on Mondays, and my 4yo goes to lunch bunch! This is not to say that I don't enjoy her company immensely. But I do relish the times when my 7yo and 4yo aren't trying to set up intricate traps to kill each other. Oh, they love each other fiercely. But that fierceness also comes out in other ways. Often. And Tuesday...oh, Tuesday. I've got a whole day of the week behind me (for those not following along, that would be Monday). But there are still 4 LEFT! It's not even hump day so I don't feel like I'm cresting that hill. It's just...Tuesday. I can't even *really* look forward to American Idol that night because let's face it - most of this year's contestants are mildly interesting, at best. I love Mamasox well enough, but I still don't get wildly excited when she takes the stage. Not like Adam Lambert anyway.

So today is Tuesday. I haven't cleaned up the dishes from last night (when I made an INCREDIBLE havarti dill cheese sauce that I poured generously over chicken, asparagus, mushrooms, leeks, and kalamata olives - oh heaven!!). I've chugged some coffee and my 7yo is ready for school. I'm planning to finish knitting a custom pair of small longies on Mosaic Moon's lovely Goblin colorway. I just hope that my 1yo allows me to. She's been known to cling like a barnacle on days that I've dared to hope I'll have some down time.

I'm starting to realize that this blog, which I created for my business, is turning out to be more personal than professional. And I suppose that's because Little Knittles is pretty personal for me. I create toys and clothes for little ones. The children of friends of mine, or of customers who will become friends. There's something very intimate about this business...knowing that all of the time and attention I spent on each stitch will be wrapping someone's most important treasure, hopefully for a long time! It's not an impersonal endeavor at all. Do I *need* for my customers to know me intimately? Certainly not. But I also don't really fear it. I don't suspect that I'll be garnering corporate accounts or soliciting sponsorship from mega-businesses. This is a business about families. About friends. I've never been accused of being a business savvy woman, so maybe I'll regret the more personal tone of this blog in years to come. But that isn't gonna stop me.

Maybe my next post will be about actual knitting. I guess that would be nice. For now, I'm off to nurse the baby and bring my son to school. Thanks for reading.


Molly said...

Um Yeah... Havarti Dill Cheese Sauce??? I am coming over now, I mean right now, there better be some left!

My husband doesn't eat cheese (I know, what's wrong with him) so I could never make this... I am SOOOO jealous!

Michele Munoz-Miller said...

OMG i don't think i could make it in this world without cheese. i'm practically cutting off my arms by not eating yummy bread at night anymore. but in my effort to lose weight, bread at night has got to go. :( but i cannot WILL NOT give up cheese.

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