Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

The corniest of us would say something like "Every day is Mother's Day!" but the honest..est of us would say something like "Sometimes even Mother's Day doesn't turn out to be Mother's Day." Goodness knows we've all had years when that happened. But that's not gonna happen today! Today my kids told me they loved me, just like every day, but they added a little extra pizzazz. The baby peed on the floor which I know was a little nod to me - saying "I trust you to care for my needs, Mommy. Here. I'll show you." My 4yo gave me her homemade Easter basket, because she has two of them. And my cynical 7yo agonized about not having finished the book he wrote for me. And then he hugged and kissed me. So it's all good.

As I've shared in a previous post, I'll be lunching at Legal Seafood today. Very excited! Now I'm off to make some breakfast for the crew. That cynical 7yo I mentioned keeps telling me he's famished. Happy Mother's Day!!


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