Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's day approaches...

What are your plans? I'll be enjoying some expensive (yet free with a gifted gift card) food at Legal Seafood with my very own awesome Mom. I'm especially excited because although we see each other at least twice a week, it's always with the kids. Of course, that's fun too but let's be real. It's a different beast altogether when you're sharing a bottle of wine, chatting about things that are not appropriate for "little ears".

I always have when I'm with my Mom. I'm so lucky to have navigated adolescence and adulthood with her in such a way that we've come out on top, the best of friends. Yes, fine, it's 99.9% due to her. I was OBNOXIOUS. Story of my life - ask me about how my husband and I have made it for nearly TWENTY YEARS (I'll save you the math trouble - we met when I was 14). That's another post. Back to Mom. She's one of those impossibly-patient people. Impossible because you just KNOW that she screams bloody murder as soon as she's alone after a harrowing day. But really, SHE DOESN'T! I lived with the woman in an old house in which sound carried for 17 years. She really doesn't lose it! I swear! It's kind of creepy, while of course being totally awesome at the same time.

I, on the other hand, am cut from a different cloth. My father's cloth, mostly. I'm workin' on it. But my main point was - my Mom rocks. She and I must talk daily or the planets fail to rotate in their natural orbit. It's no secret that she's a second mother to my 500 children (ok I only have 3 but it feels like more, I swear). As proof, this morning my darling thoughtful 7yo son started making plans to surprise her for Mother's day to show her how much they appreciate all of the hard work she does for them. Can I get an "Awwww"?

So Mom's way awesome with the kids. But let's not forget that she was MINE first! So while I love that they get to hang with her and absolutely adore watching them play with her the same way I played with her as a child, sometimes IT'S MY TURN! So we're gonna go hang out and drink wine (oh wait, we're going to lunch - maybe we won't be drinking wine. OR MAYBE WE WILL!) and chat about random things and probably laugh so hard that one or both of us does the wiggle walk of shame to the nearest ladies bathroom (it's happened before). When we're together, we inevitably have one of those laughs that are just ugly. You know, when you can't even speak because you're laughing so hard or if you do manage to get some sound out it sounds like you're trying to make fun of someone who has a difficult time with speech. Or the snort - the snort is always fun. But the epic sign of a great laugh is the pee. Yeah, I said it.

So that's what I'll be doing this Sunday with my Mom. Peeing at Legal Seafood. I CAN'T WAIT!

Love you, Mom. :)


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