Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time vortex

I got sucked into a worm hole again and didn't work on the galleries like I PROMISED I would. And let's be honest, I won't do it this week either probably. I have some stuff to take care of at home first. Like getting rid of the piles and piles of stuff that obviously snuck into the house while I wasn't looking. You see, I have this portal inside my house. It sucks the important things I need like the jury summons and my car keys into an alternate reality. And it replaces those things with useless crap like Shrek watches and instructions to toys we've never owned. My house, basically, is conspiring against me. So once in a while I have to put on my upcycled goggles, my hand knit tights, and my tie dyed SuperMama cape and jump in. Today is that day. And tomorrow will probably be another such day. And possibly the weekend. This vortex is an evil, evil thing.

I also gotta keep knitting because the vortex never gives me EXTRA time. It only sucks precious moments away from me while I'm rooting through my refrigerator looking for something to eat.



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