Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Oh, I am bad at taking pictures. Let's just put that right out there. I think part of it is that I'm impulsive. When I am ready to take a picture of something I've created, I wanna do it RIGHT NOW. I don't want to wait until the lighting outside is just right. And I think *that* is partly because I know that if I don't do it *right now* when I'm thinking of it, I'll forget. So I guess that my impulsivity is a coping mechanism to deal with my forgetfulness? Wow, I'm messed up.

But the fact remains that I'm really not great at taking pictures of my stuff. And I'm even worse at updating my gallery. I have a gallery at Plogger and I also have one at Flickr. But neither one of them is particularly updated. I think that I'll spend this afternoon getting things updated. That's something I can probably do while my littlest one is sitting on my lap, unlike knitting. Well, I *can* knit with her on my lap but there's always the chance that I'll knit her fingers into the waistband of my current custom pair of longies. She likes to touch things. That silly curious child.

So my goal for today: Get my galleries updated. What's on your plate today?


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