About Me

Hello all! I'm Michele, the woman behind Little Knittles. I'm the grateful mother of three beautiful children - a 7yo son, 4yo daughter, and a one year old daughter. Although I recently completed a PhD in Human Development, I have felt a pull to stay close to home for now rather than finding a job outside the home.

I have been knitting for over twenty years now, having pushed through those many years in middle and high school when being a "knitter" was really not seen as cool at all. :) I love being creative with my knitting and designing new products, so I welcome any custom orders or ideas.

I am licensed by Little Turtle Knits, home of the Original Longies, Picky Pants, and several unique soaker patterns, so I can make any of her patterns you wish. I am also delving into the world of knitted and crocheted children's toys (my hand knitted finger puppets are favorites around here), so please consider me when deciding on your next knitted treat for your little ones. I'm thrilled to have found my place online and really look forward to providing your families with some handmade items. I'll be stocking about every other week, both clothing and toys, so please check back periodically. Thank you!