Thursday, August 5, 2010

itchy fingers...

not literally, thank goodness. i used to think that i was allergic to wool. turns out i was only sensitive to the really scratchy stuff and only in a sensory sense (lol). not a true allergy.

anyway, the itchiness i refer to is my excitement about knitting up the bajillions of designs i've been working on and writing up and sketching. i haven't had as much knitting time as i'd like and what little time i do have has been spent finishing up custom orders and swaps and trades. i haven't really been able to actually knit up most of the designs i've worked out on paper and in my head.

since fall is approaching, i've been working on a lot of little pant/sweater sets for mostly 15", 16", and 18" dolls. boys' and girls' stuff, but admittedly heavier on the girl or gender neutral side if only for the fact that there are more girl dolls out there in circulation. i've also got a felted coat i'm trying to figure out, but i'll be honest it's not going too well on that front. i may end up knitting individual pieces and hand sewing them together. i like the rustic/rough sort of look of hand sewing, especially with contrasting seams. so i'm hoping that i'll get to finish that some time in september.

i've got to figure out how quickly i can whip up these sets. the pants are pretty straightforward, though the little embellishments can take a bit of time. it's the tops that are more time-consuming, mostly because of the details and shaping. a lot of my designs have cables or lace in them, or at the very least special stitchwork other than stockinette, once i'm actually knitting them up rather than just writing them up i'm sure i'll find areas that need more tweaking.

my biggest worry is not having enough stock for Etsy and the congo. I don't mind not stocking on my main HC site, but I'd really like to be able to fully (and frequently) stock two stores. i know i'll have more time once school starts up again, but i'm still pretty nervous about timing.

speaking of timing, i've gotta get outta here - baby needs to sleep!

**i am typing one-handed right now, since i am nursing my littlest one, and will be avoiding the shift key. thank you for your understanding.**


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